Andar Bahar: Understand the Playing Instructions

Andar Bahar is played with a single dealer and any number of players wagering on the result of the cards dealt one at a time by the dealer. You are not engaging with the real game as a player. You have no cards of your own. Instead, you are merely betting on whether the final card will favour the ‘andar’ (inner) or ‘bahar’ (outer) reward pool. The andar bahar is just a complicated coin flip, but with added tension and the appearance of expertise.

The cards are spread out across the table, and players take turns playing their cards on the table. The aim is to add your card’s number or diamond value to a total that does not exceed 21 points. You may even put two of your cards together to make a point total.

Of all, the purpose of any game is to win, but how can you win at the Andar Bahar? Andar Bahar, unlike poker, is a game of pure chance; hence there is no method that can offer you an advantage. So the actual strategy for playing Andar Bahar is to not take it too seriously, prepared to lose, and, above all, have fun.

In comparison to other card games like as poker and bridge, the andar bahar card game is far more forgiving in terms of skill level required to play. You will not need to be eligible for the of Poker or know all of the card combinations in bridge,, Andar Bahar is just a game of chance with no possibility for talent to gain an advantage over other players.

If the complexity and tensions of serious games like poker are too much for you, and you want to play something easy where you can relax and have a few drinks, then Andar Bahar is the game for you.

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