Andros Island Bahamas – A Relaxing Getaway

Andros Island is a large archipelago within the Bahamas. Its area is larger than all 700 Bahamian islands put together. The island is also the largest. Here are some tips to make the most of your trip to Andros Island. Once you get here, you will want to come back and see the rest of the island! For a more personal touch, try renting a sailboat for a day or two.

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The west side of Andros is home to many andros island bahamas bays, channels, and inlets. The turquoise waters of these waterways are dotted with colorful tropical butterflies, wild boar, and the endangered West Indian flamingo. Andros is also home to over 200 species of birds, including endemic species and migratory birds. This island is a prime location for birdwatching. During the dry season, thousands of migratory birds visit Andros to feed.

While staying on Andros Island, try to avoid the crowds. Although the hotels tend to be smaller and more intimate, you can still experience a truly magical and unique experience. Andros Island is home to a variety of wildlife, untouched beaches, and an incredible cultural heritage. If you’re traveling to the Bahamas, consider staying on Andros Island. You’ll be glad you did! It’s the perfect spot for a relaxing getaway with a little romance!

Nicholls Town is the prettiest settlement on Andros. Its palm grove sets the stage for a picturesque beach that faces the Tongue of the Ocean. Nearby, a ruined brick hotel looks a bit out of place, but its Norfolk Island pines stand guard. You’ll also find a quiet cemetery surrounded by white concrete walls. Andros Island is a great place to get away from the crowds and spend a relaxing day on a Caribbean island.

The Spanish discovered Andros around 1550. Spanish maps of the island named it Espiritu Santo. San Andreas was also known on the island’s 1782 map. Andros’ modern name is believed to be in honour of Sir Edmund Andros, a British officer in Barbados during the Spanish Colonial period. He also served as Governor of Massachusetts and New York. In 1787, more than 1,400 Lucayan-Tainos settled on Andros.

In 1713, pirates frequented Andros Island and proclaimed it a “Republic of Pirates”. There are two caves on the island named after the legendary privateer-pirate and rum maker, Henry Morgan. On South Andros, pirates maintained a settlement, called Small Hope Bay. There are still many buried treasures in the area. Visiting the caves is a great activity for the whole family.

Andros Island is the largest of the seven hundred islands in the Bahamas. It is the fifth largest of all Caribbean islands and has a population of over 8,000. This island boasts the world’s third largest barrier reef (140 miles long) and is famous as the bonefish capital. It is also home to numerous wildlife species and lush vegetation. Andros is an eco-tourist’s paradise, a place for spectacular scenery, enticing gastronomy, and a rich cultural heritage.

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